How to Overcome Writer’s Block!

A fun sit-down with Gordy Hoffman, founder and judge of BlueCat Screenplay Competition, answering questions from up and coming filmmakers and screenwriters:  Stuck in a rut? Gordy shares some advice on how to overcome writer’s block and find inspiration!   Ask your own questions on Twitter and make sure to keep writing!

10 Things You Don’t Need to Write A Screenplay

by Gordy Hoffman People are always telling you what you need to write a screenplay. Even I will tell you what’s required or demanded or unavoidable in writing screenplays. But I want to remind myself, and you, what you don’t need, specifically what you absolutely will never need to write a screenplay and become a […]

The Handmaid’s Tale: A Voice-Over Exception that Works

by Breana Harris       Do’s and Don’ts: The Voice-Over, just don’t.      Whether you have taken extensive screenwriting classes or simply read a book or two on the subject, you have probably heard the longtime industry consensus on voice-over narration in your scripts: don’t do it.  Despite this unwritten rule, tons of […]

Bluecat Review – Rough Night

By Andrew L. Schwartz  A few weeks ago, Wonder Woman shattered world box-office records and brought a change of pace to Hollywood’s creative output by proving the world is ready for a female-driven superhero film helmed by a female director. This week, Rough Night, the first female directed R-rated comedy since It’s Complicated (2009), hit […]

How Important is Genre?

A fun sit-down with Gordy Hoffman, founder and judge of BlueCat Screenplay Competition, answering questions from up and coming filmmakers and screenwriters: How important is adopting a specific genre when writing a screenplay? Gordy explains the value of good storytelling when it comes to genre.   Ask your own questions on Twitter and make sure to keep writing!

Why Dramatic Structure is Important to a Comedy Scene

Have you ever struggled to make a comedic scene work? Maybe you’ve been working on it for a long time, maybe you keep coming back to it with new jokes and ideas but it’s still not working for the people you’re sharing your work with. This is a common issue that many writers grapple with […]

Managing Your Story Outline

A fun sit-down with Gordy Hoffman, founder and judge of BlueCat Screenplay Competition, answering questions from up and coming filmmakers and screenwriters: Should you always stick with your screenplay outline? Gordy explains how a writer should trust their instincts and be loyal to the story and its characters.   Ask your own questions on Twitter and […]

BlueCat Review – It Comes At Night

By Andrew Schwartz One year ago, writer-director, Trey Edward Shults, stated in an interview with, “my goal is to intermesh stuff that can find an audience while at the same time can be something unique.” He was probably talking about his newest effort, It Comes At Night. The end of the world is in […]

The Show Don’t Tell Rule: Your First 10 Pages’ Bestfriend

If you’ve ever taken a screenwriting class or have read a book on the craft, you’re probably familiar with the adage “show, don’t tell”. It is the idea that it is better to showcase a beat of information in a visual way than to simply explain it to the audience. This can be a challenge […]

Follow Us on Instagram to Win Final Draft!

Final Draft Giveaway! Hey writers! BlueCat is giving away Final Draft 10 Screenwriting Software to one lucky Instagram follower! Here’s how to enter: Follow @bluecatwriters on Instagram Like the Final Draft giveaway post on Instagram Tag a friend Comment #BlueCatFD The competition will close on Friday, June 9th at midnight. The winner will be chosen at […]

Wonder Woman: The Face of a Hero We’ve Been Waiting For

  By Andrew Schwartz Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman — DC’s followup to the dismal Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice — comes as a breath of fresh air.  Starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, the film juggles ancient Greek mythology, World War I and a super-heroine’s coming of age story in a well-balanced, entertaining film. […]

5 Top Reasons It’s Hard To Write A Screenplay (And How It Gets Better….)

By Gordy Hoffman While I’m thinking about the script in front of me, staring me in the face, casting its shadow across my every day, I know full well why it might be difficult to write a great screenplay. What are the common reasons it’s so challenging? Why can’t we seem to cross that last […]

As the War Machine Keeps Turning: The Changing Landscape of Consumer Viewership

  by Andrew Schwartz   “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs,” says a blindly self-assured General Glenn McMahon (Brad Pitt) to a host of war-weary Afghani villagers whose death of a local boy at the hands of the US Marines has shaken them to their core. This may be the perfect […]

1000 Words to Write By

by Deanna Carlyle All the writing advice in the world can’t replace good tools and lots of practice. This is why I’ve compiled the following list of more than a thousand action verbs. I needed a handy, printable reference tool that didn’t strain my eyes or wrists. Try it for yourself sometime. It works. Note: […]

Gender Roles in Space: How Alien: Covenant Breathes a New Life into an Old Story

  By Andrew Schwartz   As it relates to the decades-old, genre-defining film-franchise, Alien: Covenant serves one true purpose: to explain the origin of the film’s legendary Xenomorph. Supported by an excellent cast, beautifully haunting sequences and a narrative fit for the top-earning franchise, Covenant has something for newcomers and old fans alike. The film […]

Five Museums to Inspire Your Next Feature

by Christina K. Holmes Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Humblebaek, Denmark. Fancy a trip abroad to get the creative juices flowing? Look no further than a small city north of Copenhagen on the Danish-Swedish border. A modern art museum on the shores of the Oresund Sound, the Lousiana museum was founded by an expert beekeeper […]

2 Weeks to Deadline

The Regular Deadline for the 2017 BlueCat Screenplay Competition is only two weeks away! All submissions submitted by June 1st, 2017 will receive their written analysis by July 1st, 2017. Along with accepting feature screenplays and short scripts, BlueCat is now accepting pilot scripts. Our Submission Fee will increase after June 1st. Awards Feature Screenplay […]

How to Avoid “On the Nose” Dialogue

      Dialogue, it’s a crucial part of any successful script, but also the easiest element to get wrong. Novice writers will often write flat dialogue where characters simply state how they feel, asserting a beat within a scene instead of massaging it into place. If a character is tired, a flat piece of […]

King Arthur: The Intersection Between Hollywood and Modern Politics

What works, what doesn’t, and what this film says about the time in which it was produced. By Andrew L. Schwartz   In Hollywood, the 2017 summer season is off to a predictable start. With Warner Bros’. new release, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Hollywood has proven its reluctance to break away from the […]

Writing the Screenplay: One Pomodoro at a Time

Writing the Screenplay: One Pomodoro at a Time by Charlotte Winters By now, you know that the key to writing a 110-page screenplay is to break things down.  Break your story down into acts, break your acts down into beats, and break your beats down into objectives, obstacles, and stakes.  Maybe you’ve already done this, […]