Meet Our Readers

BlueCat Readers are carefully screened and selected by judge Gordy Hoffman to assist and support our efforts to adjudicate our competition.

Each reader has the difficult task of providing written analysis for each writer who enters BlueCat.

In an effort to give our writers greater insight into the process of our readers when they read your screenplays, we offer these brief interviews with some of our readers. 

Burke K.

1. How many screenplays have you read for BlueCat? At this stage, I’ve read about 50 screenplays for BlueCat with a history of at least 100 more as a coverage writer for Hollywood-based talent agencies. BlueCat has really given me the chance to experience a wide-breadth of creative styles and executions. Every batch of scripts […]

BC Furtney

BC Furtney is a published writer, director and producer. He is the author of the novel, Scarla, and winner of the Fangoria Blood Drive Best Film award for his short film, Mister Eryams. He writes a monthly column, Horror of Babylon, for UK genre magazine This Is Horror.  How many screenplays have you read for BlueCat?  I’ve read 36 screenplays for […]

Tommy B.

1. How many screenplays have you read for BlueCat? I’ve done a voracious amount of reading for BlueCat. Around a hundred scripts give or take. It’s a growing stack on my desk that seems to never diminish. Which is great. It just means there’s a legion of storytellers out there just itching to have their […]

Barbara F.

1. How many screenplays have you read for BlueCat? About 100… when did that happen? 2. What projects are you currently working on?  I’ve got a comedy web series idea that is slowly but surely making its way to script. Then, maybe even slowly-er making its way to production. I also recently stepped into the […]

Arthur M. Jolly

Interview with our former reader for BlueCat Screenwriting Competition, Arthur Jolly has won the Nicholls Fellowship (2006) and has been a BlueCat Screenplay reader for 50+ scripts. You can check out his website here:   How many screenplays have you read for BlueCat?  Although I’m not currently reading for Bluecat, in the past I read […]