Interview with the 2014 BlueCat Short Screenplay Winner Jennifer Cui

Interview with the 2014 BlueCat Short Screenplay Winner Jennifer Cui Jennifer Cui writer of   WINGED A young Chinese girl ventures outside her home to find a crowd gathered near a dead body, only to find something entirely different upon second glance.    Winged is a unique, experimental piece. Explain your approach to telling unconventional stories. […]

Interview with 2013 Winner Pierre Chance

Our 2013 Winner, Pierre Chance, answered a few questions on his winning script, DEMAIN, JE ME TUE.   How did you become a screenwriter? Demain, je me tue is my first screenplay. To paraphrase Sylvia Plath: there was a story within me that would not be still. Where did your idea for your screenplay originate? […]

Interview with 2013 Finalist Bryce Wolfgang Joiner

    Meet 2013 Finalist Bryce Wolfgang Joiner, writer of GIANTS OF THE VALLEY           How did you become a screenwriter? Life was tough when I was a child. The only way to escape was to watch a film and fall into that world. I lived across the road from a […]

Interview with 2013 Finalist Michael Yagnow

    Meet 2013 Finalist Michael Yagnow, writer of DEAD DOLORES.       How did you become a screenwriter? For me, screenwriting “clicked” in a way that other varieties of writing never have. A script template keeps the language thrifty and intense. But a screenplay should also be evocative and beautiful within those parameters. […]

Interview with 2013 Finalist Michael Quintana

        Meet 2013 Finalist Michael Quintana, writer of WE LOST GRACE         How did you become a screenwriter? In 2009, right after I graduated high school, I was supposed to enter a pre-dental program (to become a dentist); but something about that decision didn’t feel right. So, I was […]

Interview with 2013 Finalist Kendal Alexander Whitlock

    Meet Kendal Alexander Whitlock, writer of A CAT’S TALE           How did you become a screenwriter? I attended Howard University for Theatre Arts Acting while I worked on my illustration portfolio. Once I completed it, I transferred to the School of Visual Arts where I studied cartooning. In a […]

Interview with 2013 Joplin Award Winner Rachael BernSousa & Mary Lusted

Hand Lit Match by Rachael BernSousa & Mary Lusted Perth, Australia   A teenage tomboy escapes her dead-end Australian country town by joining a visiting sideshow as a wrestler – then sets her sights on the top of the American female league in the 1950’s. For professional inquiries only, please contact Rachael Mary INTERVIEW […]

Interview with 2013 Cordelia Award Winner Christopher Brown

  Knock-Out by Christopher Brown London, England   A young boxer must take his fight outside the ring when the guys he trains with discover the truth about his sexuality. For professional inquiries only, please contact   INTERVIEW How did you become a screenwriter? I came to writing from a practical angle. I remember […]

Ana Lily Amirpour Interview

Ana Lily Amirpour Interview In this interview, screenwriter and filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour tells us how BlueCat inspired her to pursue her dream of making film in LA. After earning top honors in the 2007 competition, Ana Lily Amirpour’s feature-length screenplay about youth culture in modern Tehran went on to participate in the 2009 Tribeca […]

Andy Pagana

In this interview, Andy Pagana talks about how his professional career began with BlueCat. His winning script, MAN IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR, went on to become a 2004 Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist, and was named winner of the 2006 Austin Film Festival Heart of Film Screenplay Competition.   Also, if you’d like to join our BlueCat […]

Ian Simpson

Congratulations on recently being  signed by Paradigm agency! What projects have you been working on? What does the future hold?  So, I have a spec that JUST hit the wide market. It’s called “One Free Crime” — it is being produced by Intrigue Entertainment. We (Paradigm/my manager Andrew Kersey/Intrigue) are still in that nail-biting-waiting stage […]

Matt Diebler & Jacob Gillman

BlueCat catches up with past winners Matt Diebler and Jacob Gillman. The writing partners discuss their experience obtaining a manager and running their new production company – Verboten Films.   1.) When did you start writing screenplays and how many have you completed? Jacob and I started writing together in early 2010. So far, we’ve […]

Industry Interview: Pen Densham

The Producer: Pen Densham of Trilogy Entertainment Group Pen Densham is a man of many hyphenates. Along with Trilogy Entertainment Group partner and co-founder John Watson, he has created 15 films, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and more than 300 hours of television, notably The Twilight Zone reboot. He has also thought deeply about what it means to create in a business […]

Jim Burke Interview

                          THE PRODUCER An Interview With Jim Burkeby Heidi Haaland The stories favored by award-winning producer Jim Burke (Election, Kingpin, The Descendants) could stampede an entire herd of the entertainment industry’s most sacred cows. No one meets cute, talks cute, does cute. There […]

Annaliese Ciel Walker Interview

                                  Wort Irkington’s Hate Books is…A reclusive bus driver coughs up a curious phlegm creature and finds himself forced to choose between his new friend and his life’s work: his Hate Books.     Tell us a little bit […]

Ben Cleary Interview

                  Trumpet is…In his small, isolated cottage, Alexander finds a very unusual trumpet that will turn his lonely existence upside down.           Tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland but I’m now based in London. I’ve been […]

Kristi Simkins Interview

                In The Silence is…A woman intentionally isolated from the world faces a challenge she cannot ignore.   Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a writer/director from Seattle, Washington.  However, up until a few years ago, my career was in international relations and conflict resolution, in […]

Industry Interview: Deepak Sethi

I met Deepak Sethi at Mel’s Diner on Sunset Boulevard. It’s the kind of 50’s throwback restaurant where they force all the wait staff to wear little paper caps and make a big deal out of the fact that when you order a milkshake they give it to you in the big metal can they […]

Ashleigh Powell Interview

UPDATE: Ashleigh sells script to Warner Brothers!    “What a year! First I place as a BlueCat finalist and now this… I am so thrilled to share that a spec script I wrote this past summer, called SomaCell, has been bought by Warner Brothers with David Goyer attached to produce. SomaCell is my first official […]

Nick Luddington Interview

If we had to describe Nick Luddington in three words, we’d probably say ‘dashing, talented, English.’ Of course, then we’d be leaving out that his script Life In A Box won the most recent Cordelia Award for outstanding script from the United Kingdom. So let’s just say that you’re about to read an interview with […]