Tony Mullen Interview

Tony Mullen Interview BlueCat: Tell us a little bit about your script Electric Town. Tony Mullen: Electric Town is the story of an old man and a mind-controlled robot dog, set in the heart of Tokyo. It’s a comedy about loss, technology, pets, and death. BlueCat: How long have you been writing screenplays? TM: About ten years. The […]

Andy Pagana Interview

Interview with Andy Pagana Today’s interview is with one half of the grand prize-winning pair of writers behind The Man in the Rearview Mirror, a story of a man, his wife and mother-in-law in pursuit of a suspected kidnapper on the Eisenhower highways of the 1950’s, brilliantly recalling the Hitchcock classic, Rear Window, at 90 miles […]

Ian Simpson Interview

We sat down with Robert Ian Simpson, winner of the 2010 BlueCat Screenplay Competition, and talked to him about his coming-of-age screenplay “Below the Waist.”

Vicki Speegle Interview #2

Vicki Speegle Interview #2 BlueCat: What is the latest news on Loved Ones? It was optioned recently, correct? How did that play out? Vicki Speegle: Yes, it was optioned a year ago by producer Jessica Schatz and Babcock Jedeikin Productions. Jessica co-produced “Little Chenier,” starring Jonathan Schaech. Babcock has produced commercials and several shorts. The economy […]

Robert Byington Interview

This past spring, I had the chance to interview independent filmmaker, actor, and writer Robert Byington. Using his own unique wit, Byington answered questions about inspiration, humor, and how a location affects story telling. One thing’s for sure, this storyteller keeps you on your toes. BlueCat: I read that you were first inspired by intelligent […]

Irin Evers Interview

Today’s interview is with 2007 BlueCat Finalist Irin Evers. Irin is an accomplished writer, having won or placed in 41 major screenplay contests, winning more than 90 awards in competitions such as the Nicholl Fellowships, the Sundance Lab, and the Austin Film Festival. Irin has also made a number films, which have been screened at […]

Peter K. Hassan & Elisabeth Silverman Hassan Interview

During Gordy’s last trip to Philadelphia, he reconnected with some finalists from our 2009 competition. Screenwriters Peter K. Hassan and Elisabeth Silverman Hassan put together a table reading of their script, Death and Taxes, with Gordy on hand to watch. BlueCat recently interviewed the writing duo about the experience. BlueCat: First off, could you please […]

William M. Akers Interview

Screenwriter and college professor William M. Akers graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master in Fine Arts and now teaches at Vanderbilt University. Akers has taught script writing for the past fifteen years and has written and critiqued screenplays for the past twenty. He has written for MGM, Disney, Paramount, and Universal […]

Jennifer Arzt Interview

“Script Frenzy is an international writing event in which participants take on the challenge of writing 100 pages of scripted material in the month of April. As part of a donation-funded nonprofit, Script Frenzy charges no fee to participate; there are also no valuable prizes awarded or ‘best’ scripts singled out. Every writer who completes […]

Melissa Brandt Interview

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with charming screenwriter Melissa Brandt, in West Hollywood, to discuss her first feature Cordelia, her creative inspirations, and much more. After receiving a degree in English from the University of Minnesota, and spending time in the finance industry, time at home led to the rediscovery of the […]

John Erick Dowdle Interview

Today’s interview is with one half of the Brothers Dowdle team. John Erick Dowdle, pictured right (on the left), and his brother Drew (on the right), began producing films together in 2005, with The Dry Spell. In 2007, they made The Poughkeepsie Tapes, a faux documentary featuring a serial killer’s home movies. The success of The Poughkeepsie […]

Ryan David Jahn Interview

Ryan David Jahn Interview Ryan’s BlueCat entry, The Break-In, tells the story of what happens after a man kills a burglar in self-defense, and elects to leave the body in his bathtub, setting out on an obsessive hunt to discover the identity of his victim, who happens to be his identical twin. A finalist in […]

Jerry Mahoney Interview

Check out this video interview with Jerry Mahoney, winner of the 2009 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.  We chatted with him about his winning script and experience with the table read. Also, if you’d like to join our BlueCat Community, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter! Also, be sure to regularly check out our blog for writing […]

Vicki Speegle Interview

Vicki Speegle Interview

“A young girl chasing adulthood struggles to win the love of her alcoholic mother but finds her quest complicated when her estranged half sister returns.” This week’s interview features writer Vicki Speegle. Vicki’s screenplay, Loved Ones, was a finalist in 2007. It was also a winner at Screenplay Live at the Rochester Film Festival in […]

Timo E. Peltonen Interview

Interview with Timo E. Peltonen When did you start writing creatively? Oh, I suppose my first creative writings came about when I was seven years old. I drew and wrote comics, nothing fancy, but comics nevertheless. All through primary school I always preferred writing short stories instead of the usual stuff – themes about hobbies, […]

Young Kim Interview

Young Kim interviewed by 2005 BlueCat Finalist and Screenplay Live recipient, Ryan David Jahn. Hi, Young, good to see you again.  What up, Ryan? Thanks for entering the BlueCat last year. It was your finalist placement that encouraged me to enter this year.  How long have you been writing, and has your medium of choice […]

Andy Stock & Rick Stempson Interview

Interview with Andy Stock & Rick Stempson How did you guys meet? Rick: We were around eight-years-old when we met at a tennis tournament in Grand Island, Nebraska. We’ve been friends ever since. What movies do you feel influence your screenwriting? Andy: The Big Lebowski, Election and Rushmore. Rick: Raising Arizona, Bottle Rocket, Cable Guy and Boogie Nights. […]

Andrew Pagana & Justin Thomas Interview

Interview with Andrew Pagana & Justin Thomas How did the two of you meet? In 1998 we met in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as interns at the U.S. Olympic Committee. While having a conversation with another intern regarding Star Wars, during which we both felt he was talking nonsense, we found that we had a common […]