Matt Diebler & Jacob Gillman

BlueCat catches up with past winners Matt Diebler and Jacob Gillman. The writing partners discuss their experience obtaining a manager and running their new production company – Verboten Films.   1.) When did you start writing screenplays and how many have you completed? Jacob and I started writing together in early 2010. So far, we’ve […]

Industry Interview: Pen Densham

The Producer: Pen Densham of Trilogy Entertainment Group Pen Densham is a man of many hyphenates. Along with Trilogy Entertainment Group partner and co-founder John Watson, he has created 15 films, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and more than 300 hours of television, notably The Twilight Zone reboot. He has also thought deeply about what it means to create in a business […]

Jim Burke Interview

                          THE PRODUCER An Interview With Jim Burkeby Heidi Haaland The stories favored by award-winning producer Jim Burke (Election, Kingpin, The Descendants) could stampede an entire herd of the entertainment industry’s most sacred cows. No one meets cute, talks cute, does cute. There […]

Annaliese Ciel Walker Interview

                                  Wort Irkington’s Hate Books is…A reclusive bus driver coughs up a curious phlegm creature and finds himself forced to choose between his new friend and his life’s work: his Hate Books.     Tell us a little bit […]

Ben Cleary Interview

                  Trumpet is…In his small, isolated cottage, Alexander finds a very unusual trumpet that will turn his lonely existence upside down.           Tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland but I’m now based in London. I’ve been […]

Kristi Simkins Interview

                In The Silence is…A woman intentionally isolated from the world faces a challenge she cannot ignore.   Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a writer/director from Seattle, Washington.  However, up until a few years ago, my career was in international relations and conflict resolution, in […]

Industry Interview: Deepak Sethi

I met Deepak Sethi at Mel’s Diner on Sunset Boulevard. It’s the kind of 50’s throwback restaurant where they force all the wait staff to wear little paper caps and make a big deal out of the fact that when you order a milkshake they give it to you in the big metal can they […]

Ashleigh Powell Interview

UPDATE: Ashleigh sells script to Warner Brothers!    “What a year! First I place as a BlueCat finalist and now this… I am so thrilled to share that a spec script I wrote this past summer, called SomaCell, has been bought by Warner Brothers with David Goyer attached to produce. SomaCell is my first official […]

Nick Luddington Interview

If we had to describe Nick Luddington in three words, we’d probably say ‘dashing, talented, English.’ Of course, then we’d be leaving out that his script Life In A Box won the most recent Cordelia Award for outstanding script from the United Kingdom. So let’s just say that you’re about to read an interview with […]

Zeke Farrow Interview

Zeke Farrow won $2000 for his screenplay Untitled Sarah Palin Sex Doll Project, the screenplay so controversial that the title alone made one newsletter subscriber request that we quit sending him newsletters.        Untitled Sarah Palin Sex Doll Project is.. When the last virgin in high school creates a fake girlfriend on Facebook as […]

Guy McDouall Interview

New Zealand-based screenwriter Guy McDouall won this year’s $1000 Joplin Award, given annually to an outstanding script written outside of the US, Canada, and the UK, for his script Random Acts of Violence. Now, as is the tradition, he answers our questions.   Random Acts Of Violence is…  A quarantined pacifist fights to help find […]

Alex Eylar Interview

Alex Eylar made it to the final round of BlueCat and won $2000 with his script The Prime Mover. Now, as is customary for BlueCat winners and finalists, he answers our invasive questions about his creative process!   The Prime Mover is.. A young man witnesses a glitch in time itself, and becomes a target […]

Anthony Easton Interview

BlueCat Finalist Anthony Easton won $2000 for his script ‘The Hosanna Tree’.  Now, he answers our questions.      The Hosanna Tree is.. A tale of good versus evil set against the desolate backdrop of Dust Bowl era Oklahoma.      When did you start writing screenplays?   I’ve been writing since I was a little […]

Michael Hamblin Interview

  Preston, Idaho based screenwriter Michael Hamblin is the winner of the 2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition for his script ‘The Emperor Of Wyoming.’ To balance out the joy of the $10,000 cash prize he’ll be receiving, we forced him to submit to an exhaustive interview for the BlueCat newsletter, which you’ll find below.   The […]

Steve Ruttley Interview

Steve Ruttley Interview When did you start writing screenplays? Roughly, ten years ago… Where are you currently based? London, England What has been your experience screenwriting in England? Challenging.  England’s old school, it’s been producing incredible writers for centuries now.  The bar is therefore set rather high.. What happened following winning the Cordelia Award? The […]

Maurizio Marmorstein

Interview with Maurizio Marmorstein When did you start writing screenplays? Why? A friend of mine was writing a play while I was working on my Master’s thesis in Florence, Italy in the mid ‘70’s. What he was doing seemed like so much more fun, so I put away my thesis and we started constructing a crazy […]

Will Ryan Interview

Interview with Will Ryan BlueCat: Tell us a little bit about your script I Want My Car You Son of a Bitch. Will Ryan: The story centers on Toni Fratzki, a bitter, near-retirement personal assistant. When her wealthy boss unexpectedly dies, Toni must pursue his troubled teenage son, Luke, after he steals her car and gets mixed […]

Cime Bruce Interview

Interview with Cime Bruce BlueCat: Tell us a little bit about your Talk of Mifton. Cime Bruce: Talk of Mifton is about a girl with dreams of leaving her suffocatingly small town the day after her eighteenth birthday but is injured in a car accident that leaves her quadriplegic and without a voice. She discovers she has a […]

Jacob Gillman and Matt Diebler Horse Girl Interview

BlueCat: Tell us a little bit about your script Horse Girl. Matt and Jacob: Horse Girl is the quirky yet disturbing tale of Bethanne, an unpopular 12 year old who wants a horse more than anything in the world. Accompanied by her trashy younger best friend Sheena, Bethanne tries everything she can to raise the money to buy […]

Fergal Rock Interview

Interview with Fergal Rock BlueCat: Tell us a little bit about your script Calvin and Skye. Fergal Rock: Calvin & Skye is a story about a hypochondriac called Calvin who visits a cancer support group in order to confront his fears. Here he encounters Skye, a terminally-ill teenager with a seemingly fearless attitude to life. Snubbed by her […]