2018 Fellini Winner Kwok Keong

Karma by Kwok Keong    A budding photographer yearns to do hard-hitting journalism just like her late father until she lands the opportunity to cover the 2008 elections in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the very place where her father was brutally murdered while on assignment just a decade earlier.  I’m new to the screenwriting but have […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Alicia MacDonald

Bad News directed by Alicia MacDonald    When some people are unable to switch off from work, it can be fairly noticeable. We see one particular group of friends who are suffering more than most and hear how it has even started affecting one of the group’s home life.   Alicia cut her teeth in […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Derin Seale

The Eleven O’Clock directed by Derin Seale    The delusional patient of a psychiatrist believes he is actually the psychiatrist. As they each attempt to treat each other the session gets out of control.   DERIN SEALE is a Cannes, One Show and NY Festivals Gold winning director. He was raised in a family of […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Jennifer Boles

  Cowboy Town directed by Jennifer Boles    Cowboy Town is an impressionistic documentary about a 1970s replica roadside ghost town with automatons in rural South Dakota.   Jennifer is an MFA candidate in the Documentary Media program at Northwestern University in Chicago. Originally from the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, she makes non-fiction […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Marielle Woods

Do No Harm directed by Marielle Woods    A short film about a combat medic attempting to hold on to humanity in the midst of a war much bigger than himself. A medic’s job is to fix people up, but how does that obligation reconcile with someone who is trained to fight and may be […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Monica Santis

Towards the Sun directed by Monica Santis    A 12-year-old girl confronts her scarring past when she is placed at an immigrant children’s shelter for unaccompanied minors in Texas. As her future hangs in limbo, she embarks on a healing journey to recover her own sense of power through her artwork.   Monica is a […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Omar Al Dakheel

Ablution directed by Omar Al Dakheel  The bond between a disabled Muslim father and his son is tested when love is pitted against religion.   Born and raised in Kuwait, Omar Al Dakheel moved to the US at 17 after receiving a full merit scholarship to the University of Miami. After graduating with a BA […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Sarah-Leigh Burger

Mite-y Beard directed by Sarah-Leigh Burger    A displeased wife enters a world of unexpected adventure after deciding to finally confront her husband’s stubborn, unkept beard.  Sarah-leigh Burger grew up in Mnandi, on the outskirts of the Johannesburg-Pretoria metropolis in South Africa. She studied insects at Rhodes University where, ironically, it was her entomology supervisor who […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Shanrica Evans

  Casey directed by Shanrica Evans    A teenager with gender dysphoria witnesses the physical assault of a transgender woman.   Raised in Atlanta, GA writer/director Shanrica Evans began telling stories at the age of six. Her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother crafted the best parts of her as each of them carefully instilled wisdom, humor, […]

2018 Short Film Finalist Steve Sears

Special Feature directed by Steve Sears    A special feature making-of for a motion picture.  Steve Sears was born in Oakland, CA.  Following the success of his screenplay “Dave Made A Maze,” Steve made the transition to directing.  He is currently in post-production for his second short film, “The Understudies.”  

2018 Short Film Winner Tessa Hoffe

Spinosaurus directed by Tessa Hoffe  A young girl cares for her younger brother at home, while she awaits her mother’s return.   Tessa is originally from New Zealand where she first started making films. Now residing in the UK, she continues to write and direct films as well as television drama. Spinosaurus is her 6th […]

2017 Feature Winners Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho

  Cadaver Dog by Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho   When a young autistic Latina rescues a stray cadaver dog, she stumbles upon a 15 year-old cold case that no one wants solved.   Email: We found each other working in live theater. Separately we were both playwrights, struggling to find our voices in a community […]

2017 Feature Finalist Laura Allen

    Spree by Laura Allen    Liv, a single-mom and small-time shoplifter, barely makes ends meet with her deviant lifestyle.  But when she reconnects with her estranged father she finds she must navigate a new place for herself in the world.   Email: Instagram: @Laura_AllenLA Facebook: IMDb:    My name is Laura Allen.  I am […]

2017 Feature Finalist Baruh Benjamins

The Townhouse by Baruh Benjamins   A young black writer spends a busy day coming to terms with his crumbling relationship with his older white girlfriend as they prepare for an afternoon recital and an evening party in their townhouse. The day comes to a head as demonstrations throughout the city break out into a full-scale […]

2017 Feature Finalist Jesus Celaya

Chico Grande by Jesus Celaya   A boy in 1960’s Mexico struggles with what it means to be a hero- all the while obsessing over the TV Western serials of that era.   Email:       My name is Jesus Celaya. I was raised in both a small town in Washington State, and an […]

2017 Feature Finalist Sachin Mehta

  Westchester by Sachin R. Mehta   An Indian jeweler struggling to fulfill his family’s American dream gets caught up in the darkest corners of the 1980s L.A. jewelry district.   Email:  I have many memories of following my father around the streets of Los Angeles’ Jewelry District. Back then, the industry was crackling with […]

2017 Pilot Winner Beanie Barnes

  White-Shoe U by Beanie Barnes   Four Ivy League students build an illegal drug operation, using it to orchestrate and grow their own social power. But as their power accumulates, they find it harder not to become pawns in the game of their own making.   Email:  I became acutely aware of my “otherness” […]

2017 Pilot Finalist Maria Soscia

Junk Dreams by Maria Soscia   Following years of separation from her elderly mother, a mentally unstable woman confronts deep-seeded family hostilities after a radio psychic relays a message from her deceased father.   Email:  My love of writing began with Shakespeare. Growing up, I often attended the theater with my mother, watching her perform or […]

2017 Pilot Finalists Allie Kingsley & Tony Baker

  The Orphan By Allie Kingsley & Tony Baker    Al, a down and out reality show host, must make the best of the worst TV show in history: The Orphan, a show about impoverished children from around the world competing to be adopted by a wealthy family in Bel Air   Email: & Social […]

2017 Pilot Finalist Bill Keenan

  Squat by Bill Keenan   In a wryly comical near future, where too many baby boomers have saved too little money and amassed too much debt, an unemployed man aspires to the affluent lifestyle of his rich brother while trying to avoid the humiliating fate of his destitute brother who lives in a vast ghetto of […]