Meet 2016 Cordelia Winner Haydn Fox

  Title IX by Haydn Fox   As a couple’s marriage heads towards a disastrous end, the story reflects on the events that brought them to the present.   Email: haydnfoxscreenwriter at   My name is Haydn Fox; I am the screenwriter of TITLE IX. I’m 22 years old and live in the United […]

Meet 2016 Short Screenplay Finalist Tess Carroll

  I Sleep Easy by Tess Carroll   A young girl demonstrates her method of appeasing the yellow-eyed beast that haunts her town.   Email: tess.carroll8 at     “I Sleep Easy” is composed of two conflicting narratives: the story we are told, and the story that unfolds visually. The narrator, a young girl […]

Meet 2016 Joplin Winners Chad J. Nelson & Alexander Ellerston

    Parody by Chad J. Nelson & Alexander Ellerston   After a chance encounter with his identical twin’s mistress, a curious psychologist begins to unravel a web of deceit leading to fatal consequences.   Contact chadjamesnelson at Alex Twitter:  Chad Twitter     Alex on left, Chad on right. After meeting at film […]

Meet 2016 Roshan Winner Paras Borgohain

Deepest, Darkest or How Not to Lie by Paras Borgohain When a public relations executive discovers a note from her deceased best friend, she must find the trigger for his untimely death – revealing his long-distance relationship with a man, while confronting her own fears of unrequited love.   Email:  pborgohainster at Twitter I’ve […]

Meet 2016 Short Screenplay Finalist Nikki Tran

  When We Run by Nikki Tran Saigon, 1978. A young girl learns the meaning of sacrifice during an impromptu escape out of Vietnam.   Email: nikki at   “When We Run” is a story born from experiences in my family’s history as well as current global events concerning refugees and the mass […]

Meet 2016 Short Screenplay Finalist Nic Yulo

  Changelings  by Nic Yulo   Struggling to keep his dysfunctional family afloat, a teenage boy challenges his immature father by threatening to ruin a family tradition.   Email: nic  at InstagramVimeoLinkedin     In my very first screenwriting class, a Professor gave me this advice: ‘Write the story that only you can tell; the story […]

Meet 2016 Short Screenplay Winner Elizabeth Capot

    Apart by Elizabeth Capot   A woman wakes up to find that she is literally falling apart—again.   Email: elizabeth.capot at gmail.comTwitter | Instagram     My name is Elizabeth Capot (or Betty, if you’re not one of my family members or a telemarketer or a barista when they catch me off guard). […]

Meet 2016 Feature Finalist Justin Piasecki

    Death of An Ortolan by Justin Piasecki   A disgraced White House chef is discovered decades later preparing meals for prisoners on death row, but he risks a chance at redemption when he befriends an inmate whose guilt appears doubtful   Email: Justin.Paul.Piasecki at   The idea started with the most exclusive […]

Meet 2016 Feature Finalist Jonathan Holmes

  In the Cradle of Granite by Jonathan Holmes   When a young girl discovers the corpse of a notorious outlaw, her father must strike a deal with the stranger bringing the body to justice. Miles from civilization in the harsh Oregon frontier, together the two men will discover a bounty is always best earned […]

Meet 2016 Feature Finalist Hannah Leshaw

    Amara, 15 by Hannah Leshaw   Amara, 15 (formerly Hijita de Papá) is a coming-of-age feature about a 15-year-old Bronx teenager who is desperate to escape her father’s sexual abuse but who will do anything not to leave her two little sisters behind.   Email: info at hannahleshaw.comwww.hannahleshaw.comFacebookFilm’s FacebookInstagram   Hannah Leshaw is […]

Meet 2016 Feature Finalist Conall Pendergast

    Dog by Conall Pendergast   A mute drifter and a lonely night clerk must face their deepest fears when confronted by a mysterious man in a patchwork dog mask at a remote, rundown motel.   Email: conall.conall at gmail.comW: TwitterInstagram     As a child I was obsessed with movies, the weirder the […]

Meet 2016 Feature Winner Oreathia C. Smith

  MONA. RICHY. ROBBY. AND RAY By Oreathia C. Smith   A black woman will not allow another black woman to attend her white church.   Email: oreathiasmith at gmail.comTwitter: @oreathiasmith     I did not begin writing when I was young (though I did win a $50 savings bond in the 9th grade for […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler

Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler writers of   Taking the Toll – The Life and Life of Gilbert Booth A young toll booth operator falls for a woman at his father’s nursing home but soon discovers that it’s her 99 year old grandmother who may be more in tune to his eccentric philosophies, including time […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Palmer Holton

Palmer Holton writer of   The Anxieties of Peter Wilhelm When Peter Wilhelm’s adulterous daydreams creep too close towards becoming reality, he finds himself being whisked away to a rehab facility for sex addiction, only to become part of a radical new procedure that promises to make him fall in love with his wife again… […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Joseph O’Driscoll

Joseph O’Driscoll writer of   Scriptures and Cigarettes After a near-death experience, a devout Mormon teenager experiments with the outside world for the first time, risking his relationship with his family and community.   As much as Scriptures and Cigarettes is a story about the struggle of ones faith and belief system, it is also a coming […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Alex Rollins Berg

Alex Rollins Berg writer of   i After a flash flood kills his father, destroys the family farm and leaves him to support his younger brothers, a poor but enterprising teenager sets off to Kuala Lumpur for an iPhone factory job, only to get caught up in the lives of the fabulously wealthy American factory […]

Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Ludwig Thelin

Ludwig Thelin writer of   The Last Days of the Dolores Project In a few days, the chimpanzee Dolores will step out of the flight simulator and onto a real airplane, together with the pilot who taught her how to fly, but before the flight, the pilot wants to tell a colleague a secret.   […]

Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Danielle Barcena

Danielle Barcena writer of   Silk An abused woman struggles to free herself from her brother’s web of control when a grocery store clerk offers her the chance to escape.   In Silk, Paige is having trouble escaping a bad relationship, what was your goal in telling this story? I really like horror and thrillers. I […]

Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Darren Robert Tibbits

Darren Robert Tibbits writer of   Wake Following the deaths of two teenage boys, a small-town simpleton with a hobby of crashing strangers’ funerals makes the locals more uncomfortable by trying to sell his homemade casket.   Wake is a genuinely touching story about a man who unwittingly develops a unique bond with a grieving mother. […]

Interview with 2015 Cordelia Award Winner: Kitty Percy

Best Screenplay from the UK   Butter Side Up When a hopelessly unlucky smalltime criminal kidnaps a celebrity by mistake, he finds his luck starting to change in unexpected ways.   The dialogue in Butter Side Up is fantastically witty and comedic. What was your process in crafting the dialogue in such an authentic way? […]