Interview with 2013 Winner Pierre Chance

Our 2013 Winner, Pierre Chance, answered a few questions on his winning script, DEMAIN, JE ME TUE.   How did you become a screenwriter? Demain, je me tue is my first screenplay. To paraphrase Sylvia Plath: there was a story within me that would not be still. Where did your idea for your screenplay originate? […]

Interview with 2013 Finalist Bryce Wolfgang Joiner

Meet 2013 Finalist Bryce Wolfgang Joiner, writer of GIANTS OF THE VALLEY           How did you become a screenwriter? Life was tough when I was a child. The only way to escape was to watch a film and fall into that world. I lived across the road from a quasi-paedophile. So […]

Interview with 2013 Finalist Michael Yagnow

    Meet 2013 Finalist Michael Yagnow, writer of DEAD DOLORES.       How did you become a screenwriter? For me, screenwriting “clicked” in a way that other varieties of writing never have. A script template keeps the language thrifty and intense. But a screenplay should also be evocative and beautiful within those parameters. […]

Interview with 2013 Finalist Michael Quintana

    Meet 2013 Finalist Michael Quintana, writer of WE LOST GRACE         How did you become a screenwriter? In 2009, right after I graduated high school, I was supposed to enter a pre-dental program (to become a dentist); but something about that decision didn’t feel right. So, I was “permitted” a […]

Interview with 2013 Finalist Kendal Alexander Whitlock

    Meet Kendal Alexander Whitlock, writer of A CAT’S TALE           How did you become a screenwriter? I attended Howard University for Theatre Arts Acting while I worked on my illustration portfolio. Once I completed it, I transferred to the School of Visual Arts where I studied cartooning. In a […]