Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler

Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler writers of   Taking the Toll – The Life and Life of Gilbert Booth A young toll booth operator falls for a woman at his father’s nursing home but soon discovers that it’s her 99 year old grandmother who may be more in tune to his eccentric philosophies, including time […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Palmer Holton

Palmer Holton writer of   The Anxieties of Peter Wilhelm When Peter Wilhelm’s adulterous daydreams creep too close towards becoming reality, he finds himself being whisked away to a rehab facility for sex addiction, only to become part of a radical new procedure that promises to make him fall in love with his wife again… […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Joseph O’Driscoll

Joseph O’Driscoll writer of   Scriptures and Cigarettes After a near-death experience, a devout Mormon teenager experiments with the outside world for the first time, risking his relationship with his family and community.   As much as Scriptures and Cigarettes is a story about the struggle of ones faith and belief system, it is also a coming […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Alex Rollins Berg

Alex Rollins Berg writer of   i After a flash flood kills his father, destroys the family farm and leaves him to support his younger brothers, a poor but enterprising teenager sets off to Kuala Lumpur for an iPhone factory job, only to get caught up in the lives of the fabulously wealthy American factory […]

Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Ludwig Thelin

Ludwig Thelin writer of   The Last Days of the Dolores Project In a few days, the chimpanzee Dolores will step out of the flight simulator and onto a real airplane, together with the pilot who taught her how to fly, but before the flight, the pilot wants to tell a colleague a secret.   […]