Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler

Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler writers of   Taking the Toll – The Life and Life of Gilbert Booth A young toll booth operator falls for a woman at his father’s nursing home but soon discovers that it’s her 99 year old grandmother who may be more in tune to his eccentric philosophies, including time […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Palmer Holton

Palmer Holton writer of   The Anxieties of Peter Wilhelm When Peter Wilhelm’s adulterous daydreams creep too close towards becoming reality, he finds himself being whisked away to a rehab facility for sex addiction, only to become part of a radical new procedure that promises to make him fall in love with his wife again… […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Joseph O’Driscoll

Joseph O’Driscoll writer of   Scriptures and Cigarettes After a near-death experience, a devout Mormon teenager experiments with the outside world for the first time, risking his relationship with his family and community.   As much as Scriptures and Cigarettes is a story about the struggle of ones faith and belief system, it is also a coming […]

Interview with 2015 Feature Finalist: Alex Rollins Berg

Alex Rollins Berg writer of   i After a flash flood kills his father, destroys the family farm and leaves him to support his younger brothers, a poor but enterprising teenager sets off to Kuala Lumpur for an iPhone factory job, only to get caught up in the lives of the fabulously wealthy American factory […]

Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Ludwig Thelin

Ludwig Thelin writer of   The Last Days of the Dolores Project In a few days, the chimpanzee Dolores will step out of the flight simulator and onto a real airplane, together with the pilot who taught her how to fly, but before the flight, the pilot wants to tell a colleague a secret.   […]

Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Danielle Barcena

Danielle Barcena writer of   Silk An abused woman struggles to free herself from her brother’s web of control when a grocery store clerk offers her the chance to escape.   In Silk, Paige is having trouble escaping a bad relationship, what was your goal in telling this story? I really like horror and thrillers. I […]

Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Darren Robert Tibbits

Darren Robert Tibbits writer of   Wake Following the deaths of two teenage boys, a small-town simpleton with a hobby of crashing strangers’ funerals makes the locals more uncomfortable by trying to sell his homemade casket.   Wake is a genuinely touching story about a man who unwittingly develops a unique bond with a grieving mother. […]

Interview with 2015 Cordelia Award Winner: Kitty Percy

Best Screenplay from the UK   Butter Side Up When a hopelessly unlucky smalltime criminal kidnaps a celebrity by mistake, he finds his luck starting to change in unexpected ways.   The dialogue in Butter Side Up is fantastically witty and comedic. What was your process in crafting the dialogue in such an authentic way? […]

Interview with 2015 Joplin Award Winner: Leonardo Noboru de Lima

Best Screenplay from outside the US, UK and Canada     George!     An unhappy family man faces another level of his mundane existence when he wakes up to find himself inhabiting a sitcom version of his life.     George! is a unique and captivating story filled with both drama and laughter (literally). […]

Interview with 2015 Short Screenplay Winner: Susan Fleming

Susan Fleming writer of Six Months of Wonder Woman On her twenty-first birthday, a fledgling poet plans her escape from an alcoholic father; but before she can leave home, her superhero-loving mother has one last questionable lesson to teach.   Six Months of Wonder Woman offers a fresh perspective on the coming-of-age story and the […]

Interview with 2015 BlueCat Feature Award Winner: Kimi Howl Lee

Kimi Howl Lee writer of   Mouth When a broke Fem-studies major with an unwanted pregnancy assumes an alias and delves into a transactional relationship with an affluent family man, she must masquerade as a suburban trophy wife while finishing her degree––before her dual identity is unveiled.   Your script has an authentic story line […]

Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Wenonah Wilms

Wenonah Wilms writer of   WAABOOZ A young Native American comic book fan faces his life and fear of dancing with the help of his superhero alter ego.   It was refreshing to read a story that takes place in this world. What was your goal in telling this story? Waabooz is set on a […]

Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Athenia Paris Mekarnia

Athenia Paris Mekarnia writer of   WOLFIE A Muslim man finds a strange woman when he travels to a remote mountain in search of a wolf he encountered as a child.   There are many interesting things happening under the surface of Wolfie. Can you talk a little about the themes you wanted to discuss, […]

Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Jeremy Lerman

Jeremy Lerman writer of   THE TWELVE PLAGUES A Jewish painter travels to receive a prestigious award, coming head to head with his wife’s new boyfriend, Torah-thumping art patrons, and a slutty parapalegic.    How do you stay motivated during the writing process?   The early drafts are a slog. I’m not sure there’s a […]

Interview with 2014 Feature Finalist José Luis González

José Luis González co-writer of   THE HISTORY OF MAGIC A degenerated traveling Mexican magician and his teenage niece find themselves on the same path of life as he approaches her home in a Texas border town.     The History of Magic has various story lines that intersect. How did you juggle the different aspects […]

Interview with 2014 Feature Finalist Kateland Brown

Kateland Brown writer of   HAMBONE Set against the illegal dogfighting scene in Los Angeles, a gangbanger sentenced to community service at an animal shelter forms a bond with an abused pit bill scheduled to be euthanized.    What was your first script? What did you learn from it? There’s my first script, and then […]

Interview with 2014 Feature Finalist Dennis Capps

Dennis Capps writer of   CHICAGO SHUFFLE A mild-mannered Prohibition-era accountant has a chance meeting with the twin brother he never knew he had, a brash Chicago gangster, but when he wakes up trapped in his brother’s identity, he’s forced to find himself as he fights to return to his old life.    How do […]

Interview with 2014 Feature Finalist Doug Mallette

Doug Mallette writer of   BAD HOUSE Hoping for a fresh start, a desperate father moves his estranged wife and kids into a mysterious new house, where he soon discovers the horror of the perfect family.   Bad House gives the reader a tremendous feeling of dread. In regards to creating that tone and atmosphere, what […]

Interview with the 2014 Cordelia Award Winner: Jason Pittock

Jason Pittock writer of   FACE TO FACE A cosmetic surgeon’s life starts to unpick at the seams after he accidentally ruins the face of a celebrity client.   What was your first script and what lessons did you take away from the experience? I studied for a degree in Scriptwriting for Film and TV […]

Interview with the 2014 Joplin Award Winner: Savion Einstein

Savion Einstein writer of   THE LONGEST BIRTHDAY When a clinical trial in Israel fails to treat her young son’s cancer, a single mother takes him back home to Los Angeles to celebrate one more time.    The Longest Birthday is a genuinely moving story about a mother and her sick child. Can you talk a […]