Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Wenonah Wilms

Wenonah Wilms writer of   WAABOOZ A young Native American comic book fan faces his life and fear of dancing with the help of his superhero alter ego.   It was refreshing to read a story that takes place in this world. What was your goal in telling this story? Waabooz is set on a […]

Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Athenia Paris Mekarnia

Athenia Paris Mekarnia writer of   WOLFIE A Muslim man finds a strange woman when he travels to a remote mountain in search of a wolf he encountered as a child.   There are many interesting things happening under the surface of Wolfie. Can you talk a little about the themes you wanted to discuss, […]

Interview with 2014 Short Finalist Jeremy Lerman

Jeremy Lerman writer of   THE TWELVE PLAGUES A Jewish painter travels to receive a prestigious award, coming head to head with his wife’s new boyfriend, Torah-thumping art patrons, and a slutty parapalegic.    How do you stay motivated during the writing process?   The early drafts are a slog. I’m not sure there’s a […]

Interview with 2014 Feature Finalist José Luis González

José Luis González co-writer of   THE HISTORY OF MAGIC A degenerated traveling Mexican magician and his teenage niece find themselves on the same path of life as he approaches her home in a Texas border town.     The History of Magic has various story lines that intersect. How did you juggle the different aspects […]

Interview with 2014 Feature Finalist Kateland Brown

Kateland Brown writer of   HAMBONE Set against the illegal dogfighting scene in Los Angeles, a gangbanger sentenced to community service at an animal shelter forms a bond with an abused pit bill scheduled to be euthanized.    What was your first script? What did you learn from it? There’s my first script, and then […]