2017 Feature Winners Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho

  Cadaver Dog by Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho   When a young autistic Latina rescues a stray cadaver dog, she stumbles upon a 15 year-old cold case that no one wants solved.   Email: We found each other working in live theater. Separately we were both playwrights, struggling to find our voices in a community […]

2017 Feature Finalist Laura Allen

    Spree by Laura Allen    Liv, a single-mom and small-time shoplifter, barely makes ends meet with her deviant lifestyle.  But when she reconnects with her estranged father she finds she must navigate a new place for herself in the world.   Email: Instagram: @Laura_AllenLA Facebook: IMDb:    My name is Laura Allen.  I am […]

2017 Feature Finalist Baruh Benjamins

The Townhouse by Baruh Benjamins   A young black writer spends a busy day coming to terms with his crumbling relationship with his older white girlfriend as they prepare for an afternoon recital and an evening party in their townhouse. The day comes to a head as demonstrations throughout the city break out into a full-scale […]

2017 Feature Finalist Jesus Celaya

Chico Grande by Jesus Celaya   A boy in 1960’s Mexico struggles with what it means to be a hero- all the while obsessing over the TV Western serials of that era.   Email:       My name is Jesus Celaya. I was raised in both a small town in Washington State, and an […]

2017 Feature Finalist Sachin Mehta

  Westchester by Sachin R. Mehta   An Indian jeweler struggling to fulfill his family’s American dream gets caught up in the darkest corners of the 1980s L.A. jewelry district.   Email:  I have many memories of following my father around the streets of Los Angeles’ Jewelry District. Back then, the industry was crackling with […]

2017 Pilot Winner Beanie Barnes

  White-Shoe U by Beanie Barnes   Four Ivy League students build an illegal drug operation, using it to orchestrate and grow their own social power. But as their power accumulates, they find it harder not to become pawns in the game of their own making.   Email:  I became acutely aware of my “otherness” […]

2017 Pilot Finalist Maria Soscia

Junk Dreams by Maria Soscia   Following years of separation from her elderly mother, a mentally unstable woman confronts deep-seeded family hostilities after a radio psychic relays a message from her deceased father.   Email:  My love of writing began with Shakespeare. Growing up, I often attended the theater with my mother, watching her perform or […]

2017 Pilot Finalists Allie Kingsley & Tony Baker

  The Orphan By Allie Kingsley & Tony Baker    Al, a down and out reality show host, must make the best of the worst TV show in history: The Orphan, a show about impoverished children from around the world competing to be adopted by a wealthy family in Bel Air   Email: & Social […]

2017 Pilot Finalist Bill Keenan

  Squat by Bill Keenan   In a wryly comical near future, where too many baby boomers have saved too little money and amassed too much debt, an unemployed man aspires to the affluent lifestyle of his rich brother while trying to avoid the humiliating fate of his destitute brother who lives in a vast ghetto of […]

2017 Pilot Finalist MJ Palo

  Clementine by MJ Palo    After a recently murdered high-school sweetheart’s body is dug up from her grave, the secrets of a small mountain town begin to unravel.   Email:   My name is MJ and I’ve been a storyteller and a movie lover as long as I can remember. For some reason, […]

2017 Short Screenplay Winner Will Schneider

  Ageusia by Will Schneider    A depressed lunch lady finds new meaning in her mundane life when she falls for a troubled janitor.   Email: Facebook: Instagram: @willschneider82 Twitter: @Will_I_Was Vimeo:    My name’s Will and I’m a writer/director born, raised, and based in the wonderful city of Chicago, Illinois. I’m absolutely in […]

2017 Short Screenplay Finalist Walker Hare

  Sun Shine by Walker Hare    When an African American teenager gets a seemingly depressed white guy to open up, she discovers he’s on his way to commit a mass shooting.   Email: My name is Walker Hare and I’m an actor, writer, and filmmaker from California, currently based in Brooklyn. Sunshine, is a short film […]

2017 Short Screenplay Finalist Mohamed Karim

  Borders of Life by Mohamed Karim    A gritty portrait of courage, tragedy and immigrant life through the eyes of a Syrian refugee.   Email: Instagram: @los_bandidos Website:   My name is Mohamed Karim, born in Cairo, Egypt. I started my filmmaking career in 2006 as a trainee assistant director on the Egyptian […]

2017 Short Screenplay Finalist Colm Ryan

  The Call By Colm Ryan    A taxi driver is interrogated over a bank bombing. As he is questioned about what happened by a police detective, certain details do not add up.   Email: Twitter: @Colmatthemovies Instagram: @colmr10 Blog:     Writing screenplays can be exhilarating and frustrating. When I studied films in college, […]

2017 Short Screenplay Finalists Cameron Thrower & Joe McKernan

2017 Short Screenplay Finalists Cameron Thrower & Joe McKernan

  The Scientist by Cameron Thrower & Joe McKernan   Dr. Roy Jackson was once an accomplished scientist. Now a 60 year old homeless man, living in the woods and spending all of his time acquiring junk to help him build a time machine out of a shopping cart. His latest attempt fails and he’s back […]

2017 Fellini Winner Jason Chan

    Unpromised by Jason Chan    Waking up after 15 years in a coma as the result of a traffic accident, an unhappily married woman has to re-learn everything with the aid of her husband’s new fiancée, and map out a new path for her life.   Email: IMDb: Instagram: @jasonchan_1215   […]

Meet 2016 Cordelia Winner Haydn Fox

Meet 2016 Cordelia Winner Haydn Fox   Title IX by Haydn Fox   As a couple’s marriage heads towards a disastrous end, the story reflects on the events that brought them to the present.   Email: haydnfoxscreenwriter at   My name is Haydn Fox; I am the screenwriter of TITLE IX. I’m 22 years […]

Meet 2016 Short Screenplay Finalist Tess Carroll

2016 Short Screenplay Finalist Tess Carroll   I Sleep Easy by Tess Carroll   A young girl demonstrates her method of appeasing the yellow-eyed beast that haunts her town.   Email: tess.carroll8 at     “I Sleep Easy” is composed of two conflicting narratives: the story we are told, and the story that unfolds […]

Meet 2016 Joplin Winners Chad J. Nelson & Alexander Ellerston

 2016 Joplin Winners Chad J. Nelson & Alexander Ellerston   Parody by Chad J. Nelson & Alexander Ellerston   After a chance encounter with his identical twin’s mistress, a curious psychologist begins to unravel a web of deceit leading to fatal consequences.   Contact chadjamesnelson at Alex Twitter:  Chad Twitter     Alex on […]

Meet 2016 Roshan Winner Paras Borgohain

2016 Roshan Winner Paras Borgohain Deepest, Darkest or How Not to Lie by Paras Borgohain When a public relations executive discovers a note from her deceased best friend, she must find the trigger for his untimely death – revealing his long-distance relationship with a man, while confronting her own fears of unrequited love.   Email:  […]