Who Enters BlueCat?

While we wish every writer who enters the BlueCat Screenplay Competition could win, we can only pick a few.

Yet beyond our winners, there are many amazing writers who enter BlueCat, many interesting people who love screenwriting as we do.

Here we acknowledge and introduce some of these special screenwriters.  

Evlin Lake

Why did you start writing screenplays?  Therapy.  I never felt I was really good at anything growing up, except explaining myself with passion, which, by the way, always annoyed my parents.  What good would that be?  Activism and acting as became outlets for me, which is why I studied so long, but it still wasn’t […]

Eric Mithen

Why did you start writing screenplays? When I was in the third grade I saw a war movie on TV – something about fighter jets in Korea. I went to my parents’ typewriter and rewrote a third-grader’s version of the movie. Then I had my friends act it out until they got bored and demanded to ride bikes. […]

Chuck McClelland

What was the first year you entered BlueCat? 2001 Why did you start writing screenplays? After writing plays for some time, I took a screenplay workshop and found the form intriguing. How many screenplays have you finished? Over a dozen full-length and around ten short pieces. How do you find time to write? There are […]