Screenplay Competition Categories

There are multiple screenplay competition categories eligible for submission. The expansive breadth of the categories demonstrates BlueCat Screenplay Competition’s expertise in all forms of screenwriting. There are three broad categories available for submissions. Please click on each competition category to learn more information.

Screenplay Competition Categories


Feature Screenplay Competition

The Feature Screenplay Competition of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition aims to find the best undiscovered screenplay writing talent out there.


TV Pilot Competition

The TV Pilot Competition of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition represents our acknowledgment of the power of television as a medium for social change and a form of art.

BlueCat accepts scripts for Hour and Half-hour tv pilots for the TV Pilot Competition. There are no genre restrictions for either category.


Short Screenplay Competition

The Short Screenplay Competition of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition provides a unique opportunity for filmmakers to secure funds to make their short film.