Our 2015 Semi-Finalists: Features


We set a new record of 4494 feature film screenplay submissions!


Approximately, two percent of those scripts have been selected to advance in the competition.


Congratulations to our Semi-Finalists!


A Guy Walks Into A BarbyLinnea Gelland
A Meeting in SevillebyPaul Mendelson
A Mischief of RatsbyFranklin Friedlander
Adventure Has A NamebyJustin Piasecki
Assisted DyingbyNick Chianese
Black SantabyDarren Dillman
Broken FuturesbyChris Welsh
Brooklyn GraffitibyJavier Ortiz
Butter Side UpbyKitty Percy
ChamelonbyPaula Lewis
Children of the FirebyEric Hueber
Chiriaco SummitbyRyan Vaughn
CootiesbyFrank Longo
Dead TiredbyGeoffrey Uloth
DeserterbyConall Pendergast & Hugh Gibson
Don't Mess with Mr. Meow MeowbyRobert Broderick
Dwayne and Connor's 10th Grade MixtapebyMercedes Brazier-Thurman
Far From CoolbyAugustus Rose
Footsteps Of My FatherbyErik V Wolter
4 CornersbyDavid Morring
Frog's BornbyZoe Hatfield
GanbarubyTodd Maetani
George!byLeonardo Noboru de Lima
GiftedbyAngelina Karpovich
Girls in WhitebyChloe Sabbs
Graves of Lesser MenbyConor King Devitt
Half Of MebySage Wells
Happy Birthday, Ray!byKathryne Isabelle Easton
HerlandbyDerek J. Pastuszek
HindsightbyJanice Hallett
Hopes TwentybyCraig A Rutherford & Lee Betteridge
Hunter LakebyJ. Holtham
ibyAlex Rollins Berg
If I Were YoubyAllison Buckmelter & Nicolas Buckmelter
Kerry DunbarbyEvan Laughlin
KevinbyChas Fisher
Kings Of Hot SpringsbyDana Deree
Lilly Loves PhoenixbyMaarit Nissilä
MarilynbyPeggy Bruen
MethodbyLaurie Nunn
MontagebyMichael F. Brown
MouthbyKimi Howl Lee
New York is a Friendly TownbyChad Schneider
Ninety ProofbyNick Lentz
ParalysisbyDan Cassell
PatchworkbyA.E. Keener
PedrobyAmelia Phillips
PerspektivebyMichael Deuschel
Plan CbyP. Patrick Hogan & Steve Loh
SawbuckbyMark Strauss
Scriptures and CigarettesbyJoseph O'Driscoll
Selling Water by the RiverbyJames Connelly & Justin LaForge
Sex MonsoonbyAnna Maganini
Sibling RivalrybyEhren Hotchkiss & Brian Hotchkiss
Sins of a Super HerobyDennis Douda
Sky ThiefbyJamie Barthol
SlavebyAlejandro Sesma
Social ChameleonbyAlexandra Weir
SpeedbyRyan Jennifer
Storm HousebyMark Hibbett
Sweet Souls AtrociousbyTracey Bradley
Taking the Toll - The Life and Life of Gilbert BoothbyTheodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler
TansenbyAarthi Ramanathan
The Adventures of Vagabond & VixenbyJeff Rohrick
The Anxieties of Peter WilhelmbyPalmer Holton
The Aryan BookstorebyHarold Zellman & Shelley Zellman
The Ballad of Wilbur WrightbyStephen Woodward
The Candy Cane SoldierbyEvan Cooper & Brodie Cooper
The Cedars of LebanonbyCharlotte Gajek
The City of ArtistsbyEurydice Da Silva
The ConsultantbyDavid Fairhurst
The Day We Tried to LivebySergio Padilla
The Dead HousebyShannon Pestock
The GhostbyDavid Bullock
The Good BuybySzilvia Borsan
The Lawn Girl DiariesbyDeirdre Morales
The ProdigybyTommy Trull
The Savage LandbyJesus Celaya
The Secrets of BelfordbyTaylor Gillen
The TenantbyJanet J. Lawler
This Old ManbyNicholas Oktaras
TinybyKendell Courtney Klein
TriskaidekaphobiabyBrian Padian
Twains, Trains And Riverboats: The Absolutely True Story of How Mark Twain Saved AmericabyKevin Cleary & Patti Vasquez
WarsawbyKimberly Kaplan
White LabelbyGreg Gilpatrick
Worm HeadbyJonathan Crow
Wrong BlondebyAnthony Egan


Competition Results Announcement Schedule: 

  • Shorts Finalists will be announced April 4th, 2015.
  • Feature Finalists will be announced April 4th, 2015.
  • Joplin Award will be announced April 7th, 2015.
  • Cordelia Award will be announced April 8th, 2015.
  • The Shorts Screenplay Winner will be announced April 9th, 2015.
  • The Feature Screenplay Winner will be announced April 10th, 2015.


2015 Rules and Guidelines


Thanks to everyone who submitted to BlueCat, we were blown away by the response this year and grateful for all your hard work!


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