Andy Pagana

Grand Prize (2004)

The Pagana/Thomas duo did not slow down after taking home the grand prize in 2004. The pair’s scriptwent on to become a 2004 Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist, and was named winner of the 2006 Austin Film Festival Heart of Film Screenplay Competition. The film is now under option, with Peter Bogdanovich attached to direct. Andy currently has a full slate of projects including: a children’s show called The Nonsense Box on the Kabillion on-demand network; a Nonsense Box album on iTunes; a show called Slangman’s World (which introduces young children to foreign languages) that can be seen in 175 countries around the world; is co-founder of a full-service production company called Cosmic Toast Studios; and has a movie review show (Schwartzy and Pagana Amazing Motion Picture Review Show) on YouTube which was recently picked up by the website.

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