Allan Tijamo

Finalist (2004)

A year after being named a BlueCat finalist, Allan won a literary prize in the Philippines called the Palanca Award for his screenplay Blue Moon, a story about a dying old man who goes on the road searching for his first love. A judge for the prize, a director, later produced the script. The film earned awards for Best Picture, Director and Screenplay at the 2006 Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) Awards (the country’s version of the Oscars). The film also won a number of other Best Picture and Screenplay awards from other award-giving bodies. Following the film’s success, Allan was given five other writing assignments from the same studio. One script, My Kuya’s Wedding (My Brother’s Wedding) was made into a movie. Allan has spent the last couple of years writing specs for submission to screenwriting contests and to agents in Hollywood. For more information on Allan’s projects, visit his IMDB page here.

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