2013 Winner and Finalists



Demain, Je Me Tue


Pierre Chance 

In Tokyo, four strangers in life find a bond in death.




The Winner receives $10,000.


For professional inquiries, please contact Pierre at cinema@afficherouge.com. 

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2013 Finalists

The four Finalists each receive a $2000 cash prize.


A Cat’s Tale by Kendal Alexander Whitlock

Yeo, a senior citizen security guard stuck in a perpetual state of mourning his wife and son, meets a neighbor girl and soon finds himself in the middle of a Singaporean underworld, attempting to expose the murderer of the girl’s cat.

For professional queries, please contact Kendal at whitlockkendal@gmail.com.

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Dead Dolores by Michael Yagnow

As a grieving frontier sheriff succumbs to madness, his unseasoned deputy is forced to confront a pile of corpses and a troubled young barber who possesses an unnatural and homicidal obsession with the suitors of his gorgeous twin sister.

For professional queries, please contact Michael at myagnow@gmail.com.

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Giants of the Valley by Bryce Wolfgang Joiner

Theodore Tuttleberg, once the tallest man on earth, forms a bond with a morbidly obese recluse whom he saves from death, but when he seeks to make him famous he almost kills the soul of his one true friend.

For professional queries, please contact Bryce at b.wolfgang.joiner@gmail.com.

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We Lost Grace by Michael Quintana

On the eve of their anniversary, while still coping with the death of their next door neighbor, a married couple tries to adjust to their daughter’s return home, and the truths they learn along the way.

For professional queries, please contact Michael at mquintana91@gmail.com.

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Joplin Award Winner

Best Screenplay from outside the USA, UK and Canada $1000


Hand Lit Match by Rachael BernSousa & Mary Lusted

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Cordelia Award Winner

Best Screenplay from the UK $1000


Knock-Out by Christopher Brown

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Thanks to all the writers for their submissions! We received a record 3391 submissions.

For script inquiries, please email info @ bluecatscreenplay.com.


2013 Joplin and Cordelia Finalists

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