2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition


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2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition



 The Emperor of Wyoming 

by Michael Hamblin

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The fractured and dysfunctional family of an Idaho mortician and struggling author falls apart – and comes together – as he and his estranged son grapple with the moral and ethical implications of a bizarre mission from God, delivered by way of a talking corpse. Dark yet whimsical, tragic while infused with awkward hilarity, The Emperor of Wyoming is a heartwarming, fascinating meditation on familial love, bus theft, murder, and the importance of butterflies. 


Michael’s screenplay was selected from nearly 3,000 submissions and will be awarded $10,000 in cash.

“THE EMPEROR OF WYOMING might be our strongest winner ever. Incredibly creative, light, universal, sweet and very funny, Michael’s screenplay takes the quirky brilliance of a great Coen brothers film, adds the heart of Paul Thomas Anderson, along with a bit of Fellini magic—–it’s that special. Very much a popcorn crowd pleaser, as well as robust love song. Took my breath away. I cannot express how grateful I am for his submission to BlueCat.”          
Gordy Hoffman, Founder and Judge.





by Ashleigh Powell

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A down-on-her-luck nail salon employee is happy making the world a better place one pedicure at a time, until a near-death experience awakens within her strange supernatural abilities, and she suddenly becomes part of a giant battle of Good vs. Evil… played out in a shopping mall.


The Hosanna Tree
by Anthony Easton

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A tale of good versus evil set against the desolate backdrop of Dust Bowl era Oklahoma. 


The Prime Mover 
by Alex Eylar

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A young man witnesses a glitch in time itself, and becomes a target of the individuals tasked with protecting the system the world relies on. 


Untitled Sarah Palin Sex Doll Project 
by Zeke Farrow

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When the last virgin in high school creates a fake girlfriend on Facebook as part of an elaborate scheme to get a real one, the woman whose pictures he stole shows up and his fiction becomes a reality. 



2012 BlueCat International Writer Awards 

2012 Cordelia Award Winner

(Best Screenplay from the UK)

Life In A Box  
by Nick Luddington 

London, England

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A young man struggling with the death of his girlfriend unwittingly commits suicide, condemning himself to purgatory. Now in a world where memories are all that is left, his desire for life is renewed and a desperate fight to escape begins.


2012 Joplin Award Winner

(Best Screenplay from outside the USA, UK and Canada) 

Random Acts of Violence
by Guy McDouall

    Wellington, New Zealand 

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A quarantined pacifist fights to help find a cure for the fits of murderous rage he and other test subjects have become afflicted with. 



From all of us here at BlueCat, thanks to all of you for your participation – both our finalists and anyone who wrote and submitted a script. Many people think about writing a screenplay, a lot of people talk about it, but very few actually do it, so to all of you who followed your dreams and created a screenplay, thank you. We’re proud to have you as a part of the BlueCat family.